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How to Avoid Glyphosate in Food

One of the things that most people across the world and show that they do is to eat food that is healthy and rich in nutrients. the preparation of food from the point where it is cultivated to when it is packaged and when you buy it to use, involves a number of possible risks. A good example of this case is a substance which goes by the name glyphosate and is a common weed killer. This substance is commonly found in breakfast foods and will affect your health in many negative ways. Glyphosate has been known to lead to serious lifelong diseases like Hodgkin’s lymphoma, Parkinson’s, liver damage among others. Due to this, it is important for you as a human being to ensure that you do not take glyphosate no matter what. In the following paragraphs, you’ll find some tips that will be helpful in ensuring that you do not take glyphosate in food.

The first step you should take so as to ensure that you do not intake this substance is to have information on the foods that can contain it. Some of the foods which have glyphosate include granola bars, instant oatmeal, snack bars, and even orange juice. The list also includes foods such as soy, beets, almonds, carrots, sweet potatoes, and quinoa. It is also recommended for you to be more careful while doing shopping to avoid such foods.

Glyphosate gives companies the ability to control the cycle of growth of most of the ingredients used in the preparation of food that they sell. With such control, these companies are able to acquire these critical ingredients in a shorter time compared to the usual. There are also other methods you can use to ensure that you do not take this substance. When making a purchase of any foodstuff, it is recommended for you to always check for a label that indicates there is no glyphosate in that food. The discovery of this chemical as a substance dangerous to human beings was realized only recently and such labels might not be as common as expected.

In the effort of ensuring that you do not enjoy glyphosate in your food, you can always ensure that you purchase certified organic foods when shopping. Although you might find these foods more costly than others, paying the extra cash is worth it for your health. The bad news is that organic foods which claim to be glyphosate free do contain it and in taking them exposes you. You can always participate in a Roundup lawsuit in the event that you have eaten foods that likely contains glyphosate, despite the claims made by the manufacturing company. Click here to find out more about this topic.