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Many establishments require the use of computers. Servers and workstations are two concepts that you have to familiarize yourself when you work with multiple computers. Despite hearing these two terms countless times, most people are still unsure what differs between the two. For most people, they think that every computer user has an entire processor all to themselves. Even in the past, this was not true. The processing power of computer networks comes from a central mainframe referred to as the server. Individual workstations will be connected to this server. The main processor receives work from each workstation through the limited time that they get. The existence of personal computers has removed such arrangements out of the picture. Today, you refer to the workstation as your personal computer. On the other hand, servers function as central machines that offer data to workstations.

The computer that deals with data requests from other computers is what you call as the server. Website servers provide the computers of visitors with data that will display the web pages. On the other hand, the local network servers of companies are responsible for providing the files that employees need to their computers. While servers have it in them to host applications, you can only access the said applications with the use of your computers. Employees will not sit down and work on a server to do their job. The only time employees can sit down at a server is when their job involves the maintenance of the server.

Workstations are the desktop or laptop computers you use to create presentations or type your reports. In short, what these workstations do is to generate your presentation or text file for you. Looking at the traditional server-workstation model, the computer that you use to do your job is what you refer to as a workstation. In the present, however, most establishments only say workstation when they are referring to a group of high-end computers that carry out complicated computer work. Graphic design and rendering and advanced data modeling are some of these complicated tasks.

Speaking of basic hardware, both servers and workstations are similar. You can expect both to have hard drivers, network adapters, RAM, and processors. You only need to take a desktop tower and change its software if you are planning to make it into a server from a workstation. For the optimization of servers, there are companies that sell a range of specialized hardware. To stack server racks, you have the server blade. Often, servers do not have any video cards that you can plug into your screen. You have to understand that server administrators log into the servers using their desktops and laptops to do maintenance. It is not at all difficult to convert your workstation into a server. Unfortunately, you cannot use the specialized hardware in servers for your simple workstations.

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