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Important things that you should know about Melanotan 2

Melanotan 2 refers to a synthetic chemical similar to a certain similar human body hormone known as melanocyte stimulating hormone. Erectile dysfunction in men can be treated by the use of melanotan 2. Another medical way of using melanotan 2 is in skin tanning and as a skin protector from cancer caused by sunburns. You should know several important things about melanotan 2.

When used under medical supervision, melanotan 2 is considered to be safe. However, it may cause some nausea, decreased appetites, stomach cramps tiredness, yawning, flushing, darkened skin, spontaneous erections in men among other side effects. The approval of melanotan 2 for other uses has not yet been made. Pregnant women and those mothers who are breastfeeding should avoid melanotan 2 as much as possible since it has not been proven to be safe for them.

0.025 mg/kg is the recommended injection dosage for men suffering from erectile dysfunction. On the other hand, melanotan 2 is injected under the skin for skin tanning on a typical dosage of 0.025 mg/kg.

In skin tanning melanotan two is preferred due to its ability to make the human skin darker within a little time. The enhancement of melanin allows the skin to naturally respond to UV damage that then leads to the skin darkening thereby protecting it from any further damages. People with fairer body types might require a higher dosage of melanotan 2. The melanotan 2 dose is needed based on an individual’s biological system, usually ranging from 10 to 40 mg. An injection of melanotan 2 needs to be done at least once a week after the body gets used to it.

The use of melanotan 2 is much beneficial since it is more effective, offers fast results as compared to other tanning products such as lotions and creams. Melanotan 2 has been on a higher demand due to its effectiveness.

The results expected after using melanotan 2 comes depending on the skin type of users whereby those with lighter skins might take longer to see results as opposed to those with a darker skin type. Also, other tanning products has a risk factor of causing cancer a thing that is not witnessed with the use of melanotan 2. The benefits of using melanotan 2 for skin tanning are massive including effective protection from sunburns, skin inflammation and skin rashes.

Additionally, you should avoid burning as much as possible while you are under melanotan 2 dosage. While under the dosage of melanotan 2, exposure to the sun must be avoided.

Before purchasing a melanotan 2 dose, you have to ponder some aspects of the buying stores. One thing you should consider when buying melanotan 2 dose is the reputation of the sites. Avoid buying melanotan 2 form unlicensed stores. Always look at the expiry date of the melanotan 2 before making a decison.

Looking On The Bright Side of Products

Looking On The Bright Side of Products